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Some pictures of past and present models...

Composite-ARF Extra 2.3m

February 2008 has seen the maiden flight for my new C-ARF Extra and all went well! Again I have chosen a DA 50 with Krumscheid Exhaust, but this time opted for an APS Smoke pump with a pressure check valve between the pump and the exhaust, to produce a positive punch when turning on. This combination produced already some fantastic smoke on the second flight!


Indoor F3P

After the terribly early demise of my Composite-ARF 2.3m Extra in a mid-air I thought I'll start again with something rather small (but to be truthful, the next 2.3m Extra in a different colour scheme is nearly completed again...). Plans can be found here, I used my Step-Four to machine all the parts, including the glass-fibre control horns and airbrush stencils:

Composite-ARF Extra 2.3m

Sept. 2007: My Extra has now had it's successful maiden flight, and it flies like a dream. The DA-50 is still running in on the 1:32 mixture so no fancy 3D yet but it looks great in the air anyway!

For the inner structure I have used my home-made material: end-grain balsa sandwich vacuum-pressed with carbon cloth, then cut on my Step-Four mill.

The virtual cockpit is a very light structure (3mm foam board) with photos glued on, have a look at http://www.wrightrc.com/.


Just busy putting together my new Extra, hopefully finished for this summer!


Etana (Mountain Models)

This plane is starting to become one of my firm favourites - due to it's size it goes straight into the boot in one piece, and flight performance is phantastic.

With a wingspan of 112cm and an AUW without batteries of 722g, it goes unlimited vertical on a Tornado 3508/1300 (Flightpower Evo 2500mA with Castle Creations 35 Amp speed controller). I can really recommend this plane for intermediate / advanced pilots, it Harriers as well as it can get. Knife edge is without any tendencies. You can buy the kit in the UK here.

Exclusiv Modellbau Funtana

Weston UK Cougar

Fairchild PT-19

Four-Star 60

Raptor Heli


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