In July 2008, I have flown my first comp in Clubman class, so here you can find F3A related information...


Season 2013

First year now flying in FAI - the pilot training day at RAF Wittering in May was really useful - and fun, with good improvement at the following competition on the Sunday, picture below.


Season 2012

Flying a second year in Masters allowed me somewhat to consolidate my flying as I was simply not ready to go up into FAI. The 2012 season brought some excellent results: 1st place at the British Nationals in Masters, winner of the GBR/CAA Championships and first in the GBR/CAA Masters League. Below receiving the prize at the British Nationals (Barkston Heath) from the Chairman of the BMFA, Robin Gowler, FSMAE.



Season 2011

Flying in Masters was much more challenging than Advanced in 2010, but a very good learning curve. Also, it was the first time that I have set up an F3A airframe for competition flying myself with my Integral, which taught me a lot about wing incidence, down thrust, right thrust and CG. Highlight of the season was my second place at the British Nationals in Masters 2011.

Going to a three-day event like the Nationals with son can also be logistically challenging!

Also, at the end of the season I managed to finally re-spray the canopy and put a correct size canaliser on - that pink was a touch too bright!


Season 2010

My first comp this year at Skelbrooke in April 2010 was a brilliant start into the season, competing now in the Advanced class. Below a photo of my new model for this year, Proline with YS170CDI.

A full report of the comp can be found here: http://www.gbrcaa.org/Photo/main.php?g2_itemId=5802&g2_page=1

Lazulite (Pl Prod)

Powered by a YS 160 running on 30% Heli Coolpower, there is a healthy abundance of power for verticals:

Here some photos of my first competition 2008 at Mansfield which I thoroughly enjoyed!

And this is what a YS160 looks like when being stripped down to replace bearings:




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